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Upgrades to the Falcon 9 rocket have seen it getting more of a use and focus lately. It is equipped with an electric motor that will be used for maneuvering in orbit.

Musk has referred to the Block 5 as the "finished version" of SpaceX's Falcon 9, as it has been created to endure up to 100 flights in a single lifespan.

Thirty-two minutes later, after two engine firings, the rocket's upper stage deployed the SES-12 communications satellite, one of the largest and most powerful ever flown by Luxembourg-based operator SES. SpaceX is switching to a new and improved line of boosters, and so made no effort to recover this one.

SpaceX spokesman James Gleeson said, in an emailed statement to Agence France-Presse, that the company "is still planning to fly private individuals around the moon and there is growing interest from many customers".

But according to the SpaceX officials, this launch has been postponed to 4th June quoting the need to reexamine the Falcon 9 rocket and testing it further to secure safe hurling of the communications satellite SES-12. At that altitude and equatorial orientation, satellites take 24 hours to complete one orbit and thus appear stationary in the sky as the Earth rotates. Halliwell said for the broadcasting and broadband satellites. The good side of all this is it actually extends our (on orbit) life capability from 15 to 22 years. The new SES satellite will reach and replace the existing satellite.

Initially, the launch of the booster along with the SES-12 satellite was aimed on May 31,2018.

Over the next five years in the SES-12 service region, SES expects the direct-to-home TV market to grow by some 80 million users, "and obviously, this satellite will be a great way to deliver that content to the homes across all of Asia-Pacific", Hemingway said. After extensive tests and checkout, the spacecraft is expected to enter operational service early next year.

And satellite internet service promises to grow at an equally astronomical rate.

"If you take all those numbers together, this is really exciting for us", he said.