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Another report coming from Bloomberg reveals that the Pixel 3 will be manufactured by Foxconn.

In terms of specification, the Pixel Watch will come with a successor to the Wear 2 100 processor, which was first introduced three years ago. However the Pixel 3 XL will have a larger touchscreen, "nearly edge-to-edge" according to the sources though still with a "chin" at the bottom, and a notch cut out of the top of the display.

The display also will have a notch at the top, while the smaller Pixel 3 will look very similar to the Pixel 2.

Both Android P smartphones are tipped to sport two front-facing cameras, similar to those seen on HTC's U12 Plus.

Google's Pixel phones may be the best options for those who always want to get the latest OS upgrades, but they undeniably lag far behind Apple and Samsung's handsets in terms of sales and market share. New AI Improved Google News App Rolled Out to Android & iOS: 5 Things to Know. While the scenario isn't the same for Pixel 3. In addition, the screen of the Pixel 3 XL logically a lot bigger than the screen of the Pixel 3.

'The bigger Pixel will include two camera lenses on the front of the phone inside of the notch, ' Bloomberg wrote.

Both models will actually include an upgraded, single-lens cameras on the back. Apparently, the Google phones will be able to offer features like sharper zooming in and the portrait bokeh effect in pictures with a single lens and optimised software.

Another year means another set of Google Pixel smartphones, that is if the company intends to continue the development cycle they have shown in the past two years.

And the final image showing the Pixel 3/XL devices next to the Pixel 2 XL.

Truth be told, Google's expected smartphone roadmap for 2018 is reminiscent of Apple's plan for 2017.

Google has already announced a feature in upcoming Android version that will allow developers to build applications that work around the notch. Instead, the Pixel 3 XL will have two cameras in the front though it was not clear what objective will the secondary front camera serve.

After the booming trend of notch displays and dual camera setups, various mobile manufacturers have been taking "trends" into consideration.