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South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said on Monday there could be more impromptu talks with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, as U.S. officials prepare for a historic meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim.

South Korea is reviewing ways to address North Korea's security concerns, including converting the current armistice into a peace agreement, a senior Moon administration official said on Sunday. The President has publicly discarded those worries and sent signals he is intent on carrying out the talks he himself canceled only four days ago. Since taking power a year ago, Moon has sought to facilitate dialogue between Trump and Kim to avoid the possibility of a devastating military conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump and Abe spoke Monday as American officials were in North Korea and Singapore to discuss arrangements for the prospective talks. So we're looking at June 12th in Singapore.

Sung King crossed the border between South and North Korea to meet with North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, the report said.

While resuming plans for the summit is no doubt a victory for Seoul, which has a lot at stake in the event of increased hostility, it may be that Kim has gained a big advantage from Trump's flip-flopping on their original plans. Marco Rubio's comment during his earlier appearance on "This Week" Sunday that Kim Jong Un is not going to denuclearize.

For now, Moon has maintained an appearance as a neutral middleman who can bridge the gap between Trump and Kim, two reactive leaders who create a high risk of miscalculation.

The risk-on in US stock futures comes as the State Department confirmed reports that a USA delegation is meeting with North Korean officials to prepare for the summit, which had been set for June 12 in Singapore.

Still Trump tweeted that he believes the summit can move forward, and Kim, through the state-run news service, expressed a "fixed will" on the talks happening.

According to Reuters, the impersonator had been in town to wish success for the summit, held to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear programme.

The White House has not responded to VOA queries about the Trump-Abe discussion. North Korea has rejected unilateral disarmament and called for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula without defining what that entails. "He's capable, level-headed, cautious, and has solid grasp of the issues and knows North Koreans well". He has had the summits with Moon and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, as well as two meetings with Pompeo. More meetings will take place today.

Mr Moon, who returned to Seoul on Thursday morning after meeting Mr Trump in Washington in an effort to keep the US-North Korea summit on track, said he delivered a message of Mr Trump's "firm resolve" to end the hostile relationship with North Korea and pursue bilateral economic cooperation.

According to NHK, Japan's public broadcaster, Abe - who was meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation over the weekend - conveyed both Japan's and Russia's support for the summit meeting to go forward.

The White House was prepared to announce additional sanctions this week but held off after Trump said he was working on a potential meeting with Kim, according to The Wall Street Journal. A similar, painstaking process yielded the Iran nuclear deal which Trump derided and withdrew from last month.