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The two had shared an "ongoing relationship", according to Producer Chang Han Kim, due to PUBG being developed using Epic's Unreal Engine and that Fortnite's battle royale mode came after collaborative work between the companies.

A representative from PUBG Corp. As Fortnite was indeed released in the region, the injunction was unsuccessful-that said, PUBG remains significantly more popular in Korea than Fortnite.

The companies behind two of the world's most popular video games are squaring off in court.

PUBG rocketed to popularity in 2017, not just to play, but also to spectate, often being the number one viewed game on Twitch at any given time (until the usurper Fortnite Battle Royale took its spot in early 2018).

No further details are available at this time, with The Seoul Central District Court now left to determine whether or not Fortnite has plagiarised PUBG in any shape or form.

There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start with the obvious. The last person standing wins the match. This may refer to perceived similarities in the game's user interface and they could even be trying to push that the game mode has too many direct similarities, though would struggle to argue this in court when there is an very bad lot of prior material relating to Battle Royale, from previous games to films and beyond.

There will also be new Gold Plated and Silver Plated skins, but the Dr DisRespect and Shroud skins will undoubtedly spark the most interest.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG. However, there are a couple things to point out that may lead more credence to an alternative case.

Epic Games has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

But as it turns out the lawsuit was actually filed back in January, when Epic Games made a deal with local publisher Neowiz Games to bring Fortnite to South Korea.