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In another note, the parents offered him $1,100 to help look for a job and an apartment and shared advice on how to manage on his own.

A few days after his parents had a court hearing to get visitation of their grandson, Michael says they gave him his first written order to move out.

A letter dated February 2 said: "You have 14 days to vacate". You will not be allowed to return.

Rotondo simply ignored multiple polite requests from his parents, which forced them to take him to the state's Supreme Court to get an eviction order.

"A six-month notice is reasonable amount of time for someone who has been depending on persons for support", said Rotondo.

After the ruling Michael said he plans to appeal the case and he finds the ruling "ridiculous".

Rotondo also said things with his parents are now very adversarial, and he intends to write a letter to their attorney asking for three more months to pack up his stuff and get out.

Greenwood provided a copy of the appellate court decision that overrode the case that Rotondo cited.

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you".

During a 30-minute court appearance on Tuesday, which the local Syracuse Post Standard described as "surreal", Rotondo argued that he was "not ready" to leave home. Rotondo lost custody of his son a year ago, according to The New York Post. When Greenwood called Rotondo up to the bench, the long-haired and bearded son tried to bring the podium with him - noting it held the reporters' microphones. "Get one - you have to work!" one of the letters read. He made it clear that he didn't live in a basement, and that he had his own bedroom.

"I went for engineering and then when I couldn't do the math, I switched to business", he said.

"So I'm expecting something like that".

When asked what the business was, outside court he replied: "My business is my business". "Any action you take that can be construed as threatening or harassing...us or prevents or obstructs our ability to use the house or property [on] Weatheridge Drive as we see fit will result in your immediate removal from the premises", she added.