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Lucifer would make a flawless addition to the new service, as would Gotham, should showrunners look to continue the story beyond season 5.

Unlike a lot of abrupt cancellations, Gotham will actually have the time to add some finality to the show. which would suggest that it's unlikely any other network is going to pick it up. For one, this will definitely be the last lap for Gotham, with the new run confirmed to be only 13 episodes long, which is just enough to push the total count to 100, the golden number which would make it viable for syndication. Here's what FOX had to say... Season 5 will mark the final batch of episodes for Fox's Batman prequel, and the idea is that this will be the year that will "wrap up" Bruce's early journey to becoming Batman.

The decision to axe Gotham comes without surprise since the televisions series has been on a continuous decline since the second season. Instead of paying licensing rights to Warner Bros, FOX looked to keep as much content in-house as possible.

Young Bruce Wayne's caped crusade will not be coming to an abrupt end after all.

Details on when the final season of Gotham will air will come later this week when FOX announces its fall scheduled but rumors say the Batman prequel may end up as a mid-season show that will pick up after the National Football League season has finished in January.

Gotham premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014.

To-date, the series has told the origin stories of some of the most recognisable characters from the world of DC.

The renewal is a little bit of a surprise considering that Gotham hasn't been at its most fabulous - in terms of ratings, at least - this season.