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His final words were, "This is taking an awfully long time".

In the US, seven states allows physician-assisted suicide - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington according to Huffington Post.com.

"You've got a situation now where a person is being told what they can and cannot do and they're simply trying to exercise what they see as an absolute right to be able to put an end to their life". But Goodall isn't sick.

Goodall, a world-renowned botanist, reportedly died at 10am on Thursday in a euthanasia clinic at an undisclosed location.

Doctors in Switzerland had to determine whether Professor Goodall was of sound mind before allowing his assisted death. Australian law now forbids medically assisted suicide.

Mr Goodall had flown from Australia for his assisted suicide, attracting the attention of people around the world.

Goodall is an advocate for medically assisted death for the elderly.

We must be very careful with life.

Assisted suicide has been legal in Switzerland since the 1940s if performed by someone with no direct interest in the death. "It's not good for my city if Basel has a reputation as a city of death".

Exit International said Goodall had requested that his body be donated to medicine, or his ashes sprinkled locally.

In traveling to Switzerland, he said he hoped his example would lead to debate and give more people the option of physician-assisted suicide.

Professor Goodall travelled to France to visit relatives before heading to Basel this week.

But other reports appear to contradict that and highlighted one of the many problems associated with assisted suicide.

On Wednesday, surprised by the turnout, the centenarian told a crowded news conference that he's ready to go - possibly by lethal injection, but that he'll defer to the doctors on the method.

At one point, he was asked what tune he would choose for his last song, and he said the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. He ruled out a return to his beloved Australian countryside. Goodall traveled from Australia to Switzerland to kill himself with the assistance of Life Circle clinic, saying that he stopped enjoying life "five or 10 years ago" because of his inability to walk and his failing eyesight. "It's my own choice to end my life tomorrow and I look forward to that and I'm grateful to the Swiss nation to make that possible", he added, expressing optimism his story will help forward the cause he was so passionate about.