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Their doubters are dropping off as quickly as the competition.

"This year it was a big disappointment because we did so well in the regular season".

The ending's been postponed.

They did not have chemistry issues like the Washington Wizards and they were not a recently put-together team like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Toronto Raptors players did their exit interviews on Tuesday, entering an off-season full of uncertainty after being swept out of the playoffs by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers once again.

Their path to the East finals wasn't straight. The King averaged 34 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds per game in a four-game span, hitting countless fadeaways and making stellar passes over the outstretched hands of several Raptors defenders from start to finish. "But I can only speak in the moment".

The Cavs became the only team in National Basketball Association history to sweep a No. 1 seed out of the playoffs before the conference finals, since the league expanded to a 16-team format. Once again the Cavaliers will be on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals as the Raptors [VIDEO] head home disappointed, foiled by LeBron again.

"That is what our goal is".

Isaiah Thomas, who overcame the death of his younger sister to help the Celtics to last year's conference finals before injuring his hip in Game 2 against the Cavs, was one of the key pieces in that Irving trade.

If you think the Heat are in salary cap hell, take a look at the Raptors who have three players eating up $80.4 million next season: point guard Kyle Lowry, $31.0 million; shooting guard DeMar DeRozan, $27.7 million; power forward Serge Ibaka, $21.7 million.

James had seemingly expended all of his resources to get the Cavs past the Pacers.

In fact, things had gotten so bad that "Saturday Night Live" did a skit last weekend that went viral on social media called "The Other Cavaliers", a parody that poked fun at Cleveland's supporting cast.

Yet James said that doubt and negativity never crept into his mind.

"I'm gonna get a lot of rest from hereon", said James, who will be in his eighth straight Eastern Conference finals.

All of that being said, this season is something that the Raptors can not be happy with. James had other plans. After putting on a show of their own in this series - and particularly in its closeout game - it already seems severely outdated.

The trio of Love, Smith, and Korver came out firing, helping the Cavaliers take a 63-47 lead into halftime and leaving James as the team's fourth-leading scorer at the break.

The one thing they didn't have and what ended up mattering more than anything was James himself.

"We had a heck of a season", said Raptors coach Dwane Casey.

The on-court leader of the Raptors was big for them when it mattered in Round 1 but that didn't translate to this series.

A post-season run which appeared so full of promise 10 days ago has crashed and burned.

Tonight, the Warriors and Rockets - both up 3-1 - will look to eliminate the Pelicans and Jazz. A number of veterans huddled around him during the timeout and tried talking sense into him, but Hood still refused to go, so Jose Calderon subbed into the game instead.

Love said there was nothing magical about his turnaround.