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Lamb has loaned himself $800,000.

During debates and throughout the campaign, Braun repeatedly hammered the idea that he has real-world experience and is a political outsider, despite his three years serving in the Indiana State House.

Indiana Republican Mike Braun is not a witch.

An independently wealthy businessman who largely self-financed his own campaign has defeated two sitting congressmen to become Indiana's Republican nominee for Senate. But he's also a Democrat who voted against Trump's signature efforts like repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes.

Republican voter Dennis Shea said outside a downtown Indianapolis voting site that he supported Messer, but wished the campaign hadn't been so nasty.

Although all three Republicans competed to prove which one was more conservative and loyal to Donald Trump, the president did not endorse any one them, so his supporters were spread throughout different camps.

Meanwhile, Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray are projected to win their party's primaries in the race to succeed term-limited GOP Gov. John Kasich.

In the first race called in the night, the Associated Press declared Indiana Republican Greg Pence the victor of the party's nomination for the U.S. House seat once held by his brother, Vice President Mike Pence, 17 minutes after last polls closed.

"We're of course disappointed with the results of this election, but as Jennifer (his wife) was saying to me over the weekend, 'Look, we are very confident that God has great plans ahead for our nation, our state and the Messer family", Messer said.

As far as policy goes, however, the three candidates were almost indistinguishable. He says: "It just seems like the Republican candidates just want to jump on Trump's coattails". Braun will face incumbent Democratic Sen.

Rokita in particular tested whether a Republican candidate not named Trump could find success by adopting the president's over-the-top and confrontational style. All promised to support wholeheartedly President Trump should they be elected. Rep. Todd Rokita even carried a cardboard cutout photo of Trump around with him to illustrate the point. He is a businessman from Jasper who touts himself as an outsider. Joe Donnelly, Ind., in November. Republicans have a slim 51-49 edge in the Senate. With Morrisey, they are upbeat about their prospects of defeating incumbent Democratic Sen. With 93 percent of the precincts counted, Mr. Braun had captured 41 percent of the vote, compared to 30 percent for Rep. Todd Rokita and 29 percent for Rep. Luke Messer.

Dubois County Historian Art Nordhoff said as far as he knows, Braun is the first person in county history to win a U.S. Senate primary election.

Braun was accused of pushing legislation at the General Assembly that cut taxes for his timber holdings, Rokita was said to have conducted political activities on state government time and property while he was IN secretary of state, and Messer had to answer for two drunken-driving arrests IN the 1990s.

That's because Mike Braun will provide President Trump with a new partner in the Senate, working to advance conservative, Hoosier values.