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Google Assistant also integrates with Google's smart home automation platform, so you can control or check the status of compatible devices such as home security systems, robotic vacuums, thermostats, smart lighting and more. The Google Duplex technology is now in development so don't expect it to land on your phone any time soon, but it shows the potential power of voice assistants.

If you've been following the Google I/O event, you may have already seen the first demo of a smart display being asked to turn to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on YouTube TV.

Smart speakers are about to get upstaged at home by an arguably smarter device - smart displays.

Those smart displays are powered by the Google Assistant and offer a small screen that functions as a smart display.

On stage, Google showcased how YouTube and a new YouTube TV app will be fully controlled via voice on upcoming smart displays. At Google I/O, the company showed off how you can also ask it to watch YouTube - something you can no longer do on the Echo ever since Google removed it. It connects with other smart home products and can understand most questions and queries. Now, during its annual developer conference, the search engine giant has announced that the smart devices will be launched in July this year.

Do you think Google Home needs to have a screen? "With great partners like Google, we expect there to be many more exciting AI news to come from LG".