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With the recent redesign, all Gmail users got access to Smart Reply, a feature that had been on the smartphone apps for a while, which suggests a few short responses at the bottom of the Compose window based on emails you've sent before. This feature makes Google's machine learning smarts take a crack at guessing what you're about to type - and offering to type it for you.

When you type a sentence in an email, lighter text to potentially complete the sentence will appear.

When Smart Compose is active, you'll begin to write an email as you've always done.

With the most recent edition of Gmail to get iOS, iPhone consumers will have the ability to benefit from this new snooze button which will permit them to put off mails that they can not read and/or reply straight away. If a suggestion pops up that users like, they just hit the tab button to use it.

The first new feature comes in the form of smart suggestions in the image viewer. That's it, you'll be good to go, ready to try Smart Compose as soon as its available. "For example, if it's Friday it may suggest Have a great weekend! as a closing phrase", stated the company. From there, you should see Smart Compose auto-populate your messages in the not-too-distant future. It's useful for moving less important stuff to when you have time to deal with it and for getting to the much coveted 'inbox zero'.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the new feature while on stage at the Google I/O Developer Conference, showing how the AI picks up on the subject line "taco Tuesday" to help create phrases.