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"The timing was very flawless, Ken just jumped from the stage to help", says Holmberg, noting that the woman appeared to be having a seizure.

During a performance at the Stand Up Live Comedy Club on Saturday night in Phoenix, actor Ken Jeong left the stage mid-set to assist an audience member who suffered a seizure during the show, according to multiple reports.

An audience member told USA Today that initially, the comedian thought he was being heckled. But once the audience made clear she was suffering a medical emergency, Jeong hopped off stage to attend to her.

The "Dr. Ken" star, who gave up his medical practice to become an actor in hits like "The Hangover", sprang into action.

"He couldn't see what was going on with the lights".

The woman was taken to the hospital and Jeong finished his set. We need you!' He realized there was an issue, and he came over.

Jeong is best known for his comedy roles in shows like "Community" and "The Hangover" film series, but his education includes pre-med at Duke University and medical school at UNC Chapel Hill.

"And he was brilliant", Holmberg says. "He's a very amusing man but you were able to see a side of him that's very compassionate".

Once he realised the woman needed aid Jeong jumped from the stage and assisted her, along with an EMT who was also in the audience.