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According to a statement from Melbourne's Metropolitan Fire Brigade, firefighting crews were called to the campus just after 3 p.m., and an evacuation was managed by Victoria Police as a precaution while "an investigation was launched into the source of the smell".

The Durian fruit is famous for being extremely smelly when ripe, and apparently when they're secretly rotting somewhere they smell so bad that people have to evacuate the building.

A gas leak was reported at the on-campus library and a hazardous-materials team was sent to the institute to investigate the source of the "potentially risky chemicals".

Durian is a tropical fruit known for its strong smell.

Singaporean scientists a year ago mapped the genome of the fruit, describing its smell as "a mix of an onion-like sulfury aroma with notes of sweet fruitiness and savoury soup-seasoning".

About 600 people were evacuated from an Australian university's library after students and faculty mistook the smell of a rotten durian fruit for a gas leak.

The stench had spread through the building via the air conditioning system, authorities said.

The custardy flesh inside a durian is an acquired taste, with a sweet flavour to some eaters that others find completely unpalatable. It is commonly banned from hotel rooms and public transport across Southeast Asia. The smell of durian has been compared to onions, sewage and even turpentine.