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It's tempting to call the Denver Broncos' pickup of North Carolina State defensive lineman Bradley Chubb with the number-five pick in the 2018 NFL Draft as an example of dumb luck, and in a way, it was.

Now, the laugh is on Denver's opponents.

"I loved playing safety, but I feel like in my heart I was a true receiver", Sutton said.

Like Sanders, Sutton went to SMU, and over the years he sought his advice.

"I am very new to the position". Chubb finished his career with the Wolfpack with 60 tackles for loss (48 of those in the last two seasons combined) to go with 10.5 sacks in 2016 and 10 sacks this past season.

Seven months after calling his team a bunch of softies, Broncos general manager John Elway picked one of the toughest players in the draft in Chubb at No. 5.

Last week, Miller said he'd love to play alongside Chubb. Sutton is coming off a strong 2017 campaign where he made 68 catches for 1,085 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

The congratulations have been overwhelming since his selection Thursday night - "My phone froze yesterday from getting all the notifications", Chubb said - as he aims to answer the question now on the mind of every Broncos' fan.

Elway insisted he was also surprised to see Sutton there at No. 40 on Friday.

"He's big and he can really run", Elway said. We're excited about him.

When the Cleveland Browns selected Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward at No. 4, the Broncos were able to swoop in to snare Chubb - the most technically sound, impactful pass-rusher on the board.

Now, Miller and Chubb will be able to line up on opposite sides and blitzkrieg the holy hell out of QBs - and if Ray and Wolfe can stay healthy, the effect could well be a return to the form the Denver D displayed during the outfit's championship run. "If I am going to do something, I am going to do it at 100 percent"'. "If that comes with Rookie of the Year, that's perfectly fine with me as long as we win games".