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Bob Dorough songs helped teach children about grammar and government on ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock".

Dorough was born in Arkansas on December 12, 1923, and raised in Texas. Devil May Care was a document of loungey bebop, with Dorough's windy, charming and idiosyncratically accented singing of buoyant lyrics that hinted at his success to come. He released his first album, "Devil May Care", in 1956, and the title track would go on to be covered by Miles Davis, among others.

Born on December 12, 1923, in Cherry Hill, AR, Dorough was a jazz musician in the early 1970s when a NY ad man complained that his young sons couldn't do multiplication and wanted to have the times tables set to music because the kids could recite every rock lyric of the era. "Then I looked in the magic book and sure enough, three is one of the magic numbers".

Dorough believed the songs resonated with so many because, "even though they were in a "rock" or "pop" bag, my jazz sensibilities and the fine musicians I used for the audio recordings made the songs seem unusual to the Saturday morning cartoon listener", he told CNN in 2013.

Dorough wrote "Three is a Magic Number" - which was supposed to be a project called "Multiplication Rock", which eventually evolved into "School House Rock".

"After the fully Dorough-penned Multiplication Rock, the series" contributors expanded to include Lynn Ahrens, Dave Frishberg (writer of "I'm Just a Bill") and George Newall, with Dorough staying on as musical director.

"Schoolhouse Rock" first premiered in 1973 and ran on ABC for 12 years. "Conjunction junction, what's your function?"

Dorough remained active all his life.

According to NRP, Dorough continued to perform until his death, and was survived by his wife, Sally Shanley Dorough.