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There is a palpable tension inside, he said. "That is what we're about right now, pushing music on as many people as possible". "There's a connection when people like a song that someone else likes, there's a vibe and that magnifies in a record store". He said the store offers those releases, sometimes on consignment. The first record store day was back in 2007, an idea that was sparked by an email from a record store employee in Portland, Oregon.

Speakertree has been participating since 2008.

"I probably order from eight or nine different suppliers (for Record Store Day) from Canada, the US and the United Kingdom that all have different exclusives", Marsh said, "and they all carry really interesting, unique stuff on their own".

In addition to the thousands of records, the store also features turntables for music fans who want to get back to analog, as well as speakers with built-in pre-amps to complete the setup. "You can't really do that with a vinyl", Mesman said. Re-Animated Records in La Mesa will open at 7 a.m. with free food and drinks and a big 20 percent off sale.

The collaboration is immortalized in the limited-edition Going Underground/Tiki-Ko T-shirts, tote bags and 18-by-24-inch silkscreen prints with a design by artist El Oms only available Saturday.

Each year, various exclusive records are released on Record Store Day and dispersed to local record stores across America. "That happens on Record Store Day and we make it a big party".

With that being said, Gederberg has requested the releases of Johnny Cash's "At Folsom Prison" five-album box set, Prince's "1999", The Police's "Roxanne" as well as many other collector's edition records and special releases.

He said vinyl sales are the biggest they've ever been, based on industry numbers.

Nate Stidham, a former member of band Arson's Harbor, got his start at the record store.

"It has grown ridiculously over the years and we have actually had people with lawn chairs outside waiting for us to open at 10 a.m.", said Bayliss.

He describes Speakertree as more than just a cool record store but as an integral part of the community.

April 21 is a day to get out to your local record store and pick through what you need and what you've got as the world celebrates Record Store Day 2018.

McGlothin owned the store from 2012 to 2014 but still goes by the shop at least once a week.

Early this week, the Record Works received its first of many shipments of these rarities, including a live Stompin' Tom Connors record pressed on gold vinyl, some never-released David Bowie recordings and a Porg die-cut picture disc of music from The Last Jedi. "Because unlike CDs and cassette tapes, you have to attend to [an LP record]; it forces engagement".