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Public transport had stopped, Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry said, on the afternoon when it was announced that Serzh Sargsyan had stepped down as prime minister.

"You have won, the proud citizens of Armenia!".

Led by opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan, various parties and civil groups took to the streets.

"The situation has several solutions, but I will not take any of them".

"I am resigning from the post of prime minister, leader of the country", he declared. The street movement is against my tenure. "I am fulfilling your demand", Sarkisian said in a statement on the prime minister's website.

The statement was posted on April 23 as crowds in Yerevan and other cities protested for an 11th straight day, calling for his resignation, and followed shortly after the release of protest leader Nikol Pashinian from custody, RFE/RL wrote.

"I believe that the fact of negotiations itself, despite all the formats aimed at hampering the talks, starting from holding them in front of media, at Marriott Hotel, shows the Prime Minister's and government's willingness to launch a dialogue", he said. "We need to tell society about this", he said at a press conference. Sargsyan was the president of the country for 10 years. The man who preceded Sargsyan as prime minister, Karen Karapetyan, is reported to be acting prime minister.

"Dear compatriots", it began, before addressing everyone in Armenia including "those standing in streets chanting "Say no to Serzh", as well as security forces and politicians".

"This was the rare aberration - the rare exception of a peaceful non-violent degree of people power actually achieving its goals", Giragosian said.

The protests prompted the U.S. Embassy in Armenia to tweet, "We are concerned about the clashes between the police and the demonstrators, during which there were victims".

The rallies protesting his appointment as prime minister quickly turned into celebrations, with demonstrators hugging, dancing and cheering.

Peskov dismissed a question on whether Russian Federation would interfere in the crisis, which he called "exclusively an internal affair", as "absolutely inappropriate". The quicker they recognize this fact, the better it will be for Armenia and Artsakh.

"All those who have been detained while exercising their fundamental right of assembly in accordance with the law must be released immediately", it said. Armenians voted in a referendum to move from a presidential to parliamentary system, boosting the prime minister's role.

"In Armenia's 27 years of independence, not one president has ruled more than the permitted two terms or has rewritten the constitution to suit him", said Grigor Atanesian, a political observer and Fulbright scholar at the University of Missouri.

He was reelected in 2013, with his second and final term ending April 9.