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There's no single-player game version of Black Ops 4.

It may also be hard to see Call of Duty translating to a large-scale last-man-standing format like Fortnite, but it would make just as much sense considering the financial motive at play. Sources with knowledge of the project have told the outlet that it became evident as the game's fall launch date approached that they would not have time to finish the campaign and have since chose to scrap it. Although Raven Software did develop the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in 2016, it does not appear they are working on this title in any way according to the material CI reviewed. This is why the release of Black Ops 4 will me a unique moment in the history of the game, as this campaign will no longer be here.

Electronic Arts' Battlefield franchise usually launches around October time, though this year faces increased competition from Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as its usual rival in Call of Duty. Over time, Call of Duty evolved into a multiplayer-heavy game that brought out console esports. Since then, they've taken the helm of the Black Ops series which has helped push the brand to new heights.

It might sound sad at first, but Black Ops 4 has other goodies to lure you with.

The campaign of "Black Ops 3" may not be very relevant to its successor.

There are a few additional details floating around about COD's jump into Battle Royale. Sadly, there has been no report of a Nintendo Switch release, which is a real shame. While there have been attempts at innovation over the years with wall running and jetpacks to help spice up the action, it's nearly certainly still going to centre around the good old run and gun FPS gameplay that CoD is known for. The consensus among TechSpotters is that Activision and Treyarch are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the fans of solo story arcs.

"I have loved some Call of Duty games in the past, and I have skipped the campaign in a lot of them - this includes the entries in the series that I spent 1,000-plus hours with".

What's more, these rumors also state that a battle royale mode is coming to Black Ops 4, as yet another big IP jumps in on the popular "last-man-standing" online game mode that's dominating the competitive multiplayer scene at present. Sources already claimed that a single-player campaign simply wouldn't be ready in time for Black Ops 4′s October release, leading to the brainwave of adding battle royale.

Forget what you know. The game may still feature a campaign, something that is different from the traditional way of doing things.

Activision was contacted by the outlet for comment before the report went live.

However, Call of Duty evolved over time, and now came to develop incredible multiplayer modes.

Citing sources familiar with the game, Kotaku reported that Black Ops 4 will "essentially be multi-player only" and will lack a single-player mode.

He claims that BO4 will not have a Campaign, the Battle Royale mode will be a "standalone" entity for future titles, and that the multiplayer may feature a mix of "boots on the ground" and "jetpack" mechanics.

Curiously enough, National Basketball Association star James Harden was seen sporting a cap with what looks very much like the Black Ops 4 logo.