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She also said she's frustrated that Customs would ticket her when the agent clearly saw the snack came from an airline.

While on the plane, a flight attendant passed out apples to the passengers. However, Tadlock, who was not hungry at the moment, made a decision to keep the fruit inside her carry-on and save it for later if she felt hungry during the second part of her trip.

Explaining what happened to KDVR, Ms Tadlock said her bag was randomly searched as she passed through Customs. Tadlock says a Customs agent pulled out the apple in the plastic bag with Delta's logo on it.

Crystal also noted the agent asked her a rather unusual and nearly teasing question regarding whether her trip to France was expensive.

Despite asking if she could simply discard the piece of fruit in the trash, or eat it, Tadlock was told that was not an option. "But once again, the apple is from Delta and I think that's the most important part of the story".

The customs declaration form travelers fill out upon entering the US from overseas asks passengers if they are declaring items like fruit, meats or vegetables.

Prohibited items that are not declared by a passenger are confiscated and disposed of by CBP. According to the statement released, Tadlock may have lucked out with her fine.

"More importantly, civil penalties may be assessed for failure to declare prohibited agricultural products and may range up to 1,000 dollars per first-time offense for noncommercial quantities".

Tadlock told the television station that she plans to fight the fine in court, saying that she was upset that an innocent mistake could lead to such a large fine and the loss of her Global Entry Status.

When contacted by USA TODAY, a Delta spokesperson wouldn't comment specifically around the episode but said that the business encourage its customers "to abide by Customs and Border safety guidelines and prerequisites".