KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Super Bowl LII champions Philadelphia Eagles will play the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 28 at Wembley Stadium.

Find out exactly when these games will be played - along with the 249 other regular-season get-togethers - below in our 2018 National Football League schedule-release live blog. Jacksonville has won their last three contests across the pond.

The NFL also announced the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Oakland Raiders, and the Los Angeles Chargers will face on the Tennessee Titans in another game. Kick off is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

After months of evaluating potential talent to bring on board, the Philadelphia Eagles will soon take part in the 2018 NFL Draft along with the 31 other teams, as they hope to fill a few positions in need of improvement.

Four of the eight teams that played in London in 2017 went on to win their respective divisions: New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.

When is the NFL's 2018 International Series game in Mexico?

In the postseason, the Eagles defeated the Falcons 15-10 to make it to the NFC Championship against the Vikings.