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They could choose a week, a month or years.

Lawyers said their claims, which were brought under data protection law and for "misuse of private information", were the first of their kind to be aired in England.

Google says offline support will be available following the EAP announcement: "We previously announced that we're moving Chrome apps, like Gmail Offline, to the web". Despite entering the correct keyword many times, the right things are not found in the search.

The other businessman, known as NT1, who lost his case, was convicted more than 10 years ago of conspiring to account falsely. Permission to appeal was granted in his case. The court also said the information was relevant to his current career and life.

However, the judge ruled out any damages payment.

If you screw up in a way that gets any sort of media attention, chances are you won't like what you see when you run a query for your name on Google.

'NT2 has frankly acknowledged his guilt and expressed genuine remorse, ' he said. "There is no evidence of any risk of repetition". There is no real need for anybody to be warned about that activity'. So let's know about those tips and tricks of searching on Google.

The method allows someone watching a video to select the face of the person in the video who they want to hear, or to use an algorithm to select that person based on the context.

"We are pleased that the Court recognised our efforts in this area, and we will respect the judgements they have made in this case". The right of people to rehabilitation is an important one. And those unflattering search results could have far-reaching implications for your livelihood.

Both men requested that Google remove search results about their pasts: NT1 submitted his request to remove six links on June 28th, 2014, while NT2 submitted his request to remove 11 links on April 14th, 2015.

We're better at listening to a person when there are more people taking in a crowd, but Google's AI is now as good as us! For this, you should search the keyword in the Google Search tab "Keyword". "Complete", meaning that those sensitive emails will also be deleted immediately from Google servers.

These cover nearly two-and-a-half million URLS, 49.3 per cent of which were deleted.

An earlier 2014 ruling in the European Court of Justice that online links to outdated and irrelevant subject matter should be removed when requested has resulted in 669,355 requests for links to be removed from websites, about half of which were successful, The Telegraph reported.