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Now, TMZ reports that Yodeling Boy, real name Mason Ramsey, has been tapped by at least two acts at the Indio Valley music festival for guest performances.

Dressed in his signature long-sleeved button-down shirt, red bowtie, and cowboy hat, Mason Ramsey made a surprise appearance at the Southern Californian desert on Friday, April 13.

The rapper is said to be keen for Mason to work add a touch of his yodelling magic during his Coachella set - but there's been a slight scheduling hiccup.

Ramsey, 11, was invited to grace the Coachella stage alongside DJ Whethan on Friday afternoon to perform his rendition of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues". Since then, the clip has racked up millions of views and has even been remixed by numerous DJs.

Ramsey told Ellen DeGeneres that being on her show and performing at Coachella meant he had to get on an airplane for the first time in his life.

But there's a small caveat if you're going to weekend one. Junkee thinks he probably performed with Whethan because he was among the first to tweet about him. Justin Bieber was also there to watch The Yodeling Boy and loved every moment of it.

"It was very good, but driving with the driver, letting me go in the back of the limo, that was awesome", Ramsey said.

The viral "yodeling kid" just performed at Coachella.

Maybe he wants to collab with him? who knows.