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Leading up to Constand's retelling of the alleged assault, the former Temple University employee on Friday traced her relationship with Cosby, whom she said she met while handling operations for the school's women's basketball team.

Mesereau then accused her of misleading Sylvester Stallone by telling him she was pregnant with his child while the couple dated, before trying to paint her as a serial user of cocaine and pills.

Only once did she pause in her testimony, and that was just before she began to provide a graphic, detailed account of what she said happened at the Cosby home near Philadelphia in January 2004. "I can remember feeling anger, disgust, and ashamed".

Dickinson told the court her publisher was aware of the sexual assault but they had recommended she remove it to avoid potential litigation. Constand was expected to testify Friday - the second time she will face a jury after Cosby's first trial ended without a verdict.

Prosecutors in his retrial were allowed to seek testimony from as many as five other women who claim Cosby also drugged and assaulted them.

Janice Baker-Kinney testified at Cosby's sexual assault retrial outside Philadelphia.

She responded by telling the jurors that she wanted to highlight the details of that night, but ultimately chose to just write a sanitized version that did not include sex, let alone rape, because her publishers told her that the legal department would never print allegations made against Cosby.

Dickinson, who is now 63, has spoken publicly about her allegations against Cosby in the past, saying that he drugged and raped her when she was 27 years old.

"Cosby said, "I have something for that".' And I was given a blue pill - a little round blue pill.'"

She testified that she got to know Cosby after he called her agent and said he wanted to meet and possibly mentor her as she looked to expand her career into singing and acting. "I couldn't move, I felt like I was rendered motionless".

Eventually, she was so incapacitated that she "couldn't get the words out I wanted to say", Dickinson testified.

In 2015, Janice Dickinson told Entertainment Tonight she wanted Cosby to apologize to all of his accusers.

"I passed out after he entered me".

When she woke up, she was sore and remembers her pajamas were halfway off, she testified. She demanded to talk to him. She sipped the tea, took the top of the muffin and drove herself home.

Cosby's defense attorneys have worked to point out inconsistencies in their stories.

The defense grilled the women on the considerable differences between what they told friends and family and what they told detectives; between the police reports and the press releases.

"When you don't have a case, you have to fill the time with something else", Mesereau said.

After that encounter - but before the early 2004 incident - "I had no question about my ability to fend off a person that was hitting on me or making a sexual advance on me", Constand testified.

Describing a scenario similar to three previous accusers, Dickinson said Cosby contacted her and offered to help her career.

In 2010, when she was on the television show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr".

A few minutes later, Constand said she became "woozy" and "weak", and Cosby led her to a couch in another room, placing her on her side. Dickinson said she "zonked" out, but recalls being penetrated by Cosby. The next day, she said, she tried to confront Cosby at an estate owned by the owner of Harrah's casino.

At another meeting, he reached over and tried to unbutton her trousers but stopped when she leaned forward and gestured she "was not interested", she said.

"I recognise the name", she said this time. "And I was given a blue pill".

Another former model and aspiring actress, Lublin says she was 23 in 1989 when Cosby prodded her to drink two shots of alcohol in his Las Vegas hotel suite.

"It's all a fabrication there", Dickinson said, referring to the book.