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A suburban Philadelphia courthouse heard opening arguments in Bill Cosby's retrial on charges of sexual assault on April 10, after being delayed by concerns of a rogue juror.

Intention in a case like this can come up in cross-examinations, but Cosby could simply continue to insist that he sought not to sedate Constand but to simply give her something that would soothe her. It's the second time within the year that Constand, one of nearly 60 women accusing Cosby of sexual misconduct, has been able to confront the 80-year-old comedian since the first trial ended in a hung jury last June.

Dickinson says that Cosby flew her first class from Bali, Indonesia, where she was modeling, to a ritzy ski resort in the Sierra Nevada for what she thought would be talking about her career.

The lawyer went on to tell the jury how Constand only wanted money; that she had been in serious debt and Cosby had repeatedly tried to help her in her quest to become a television personality.

Another key difference is that the defense is being allowed to introduce testimony from a Temple University academic adviser who says that Constand once told her that she could make money by falsely claiming that she had been molested by a prominent person.

And much like the four other women who testified this week, Constand said that she was unable to stop the alleged assault, that her body felt paralyzed.

She is one of five additional accusers whom prosecutors are calling to the stand to show Cosby had a history of drugging and molesting women. Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said the defense is trying to smear Lasha.

Assistant District Attorney Stewart Ryan argued the defense will get a chance to test Lasha's credibility when she's cross-examined.

Constand said she made a decision to go to police in January 2005, about a year after the encounter, jarred to action by a nightmare and an increasing awareness of consent issues from her ongoing massage therapy training.

Cosby lawyer Jaya Gupta told a judge Wednesday that Chelan Lasha's 2007 guilty plea for making a false report to Arizona law enforcement "bears on her veracity". Put them down. They'll help you relax.

Jackson, a longtime Temple official, has said that she and Constand worked closely together, had been friends and had shared hotel rooms several times.

She said before the alleged instance of assault, she visited Cosby's home for dinner. I couldn't say anything. "I don't know what it was, but I believe I know what it was". She then recalled being touched by the comedian, who was then in his late 60s.

"Miss Constand, why are you here?" said prosecutor Kristen Feden.

Constand testified that she and Cosby had been discussing her aversion to traditional medicine for 18 months and that he must have known that she doesn't "even like to take Advil".

Bill Cosby's retrial is now underway in a Pennsylvania courtroom, where the comedian stands accused of drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004.

She described how she first met Cosby at a Temple University women's basketball game in the fall of 2002.

Afterward, Ms. Lasha said Mr. Cosby told her, "Daddy said wake up", before pushing her out the door.

"No, he was married man, I didn't think he would be attracted to me", Constand replied.

"I was pretty sure whatever I did was my fault", Thomas testified, adding: "I was just going to move on".

Cosby's team immediately moved for a mistrial after the remark.

Defense attorney Kathleen Bliss asked her about testimony and prior statements, in an apparent attempt to point out inconsistencies about her comments about sitting between Cosby's legs. Cosby lawyer Tom Mesereau, who won an acquittal in Michael Jackson's 2005 child molestation case, has said the jury will instead learn "just how greedy" Constand was.

"He's a powerful guy and they told me he could ruin my career".

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Her story echoes that of each woman who took the stand this week, all of whom included the alleged use of pills and booze, and ended in cloudy recollections about rape.

"It's a very complicated and convoluted case", she said.

At one point, Constand said, Cosby touched her on the thigh and another time tried to unzip her trousers while sitting next to her.