KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Port-A-Fort adds to the game's accessibility by giving players the options to throw out an item that gives them a better chance to survive a conflict.

"On both platforms, we expect to see fewer issues with geometry or cosmetics failing to load in time, and FPS drops during skydiving", Epic said in the update's patch notes. This time, forts get some much-needed love with the new Port-A-Fort item. Recently, a Rock, Paper, Scissors emote took the community by storm once it was discovered that the emote actually randomly displayed one of the three hand gestures. This means you can rewatch the entire match from any angle, mess with the speed of the footage, and select sections with which to create highlight videos you can save for later viewing. You have an opportunity to win phenomenal prizes with the Replay system... very soon.

As is typically the case, the update for the PC and PS4/Xbox One versions of the game boast different numbers, so the Fortnite 3.5 update is the Fortnite 1.54 update on consoles.

Drone style camera that always keeps the selected player in frame.

This camera shows what the selected player saw during gameplay.

The costumes align with many aspects of Fortnite already, as Battle Royale Season 3's theme is space, while Tricera Ops appears to be in response to the popularity behind the first dinosaur themed costume: Rex. Sure beats building walls and stairs while being gunned down from several directions.

The popular North American esports organization has revealed the players that will competing for Cloud9 in the H1Z1 Pro League.