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"We're undergoing a broader philosophical shift about how we view our role as a company", he said. Nelson said afterward that Zuckerberg was "forthright and honest to the degree he could" be in the private, one-on-one meeting.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of manipulating citizens to vote for their client while creating vile online content to malign opposition candidates in elections.

"These stories touch on the very foundation of the internet economy and the way that these companies make money", Sen. On Monday Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told USA TODAY in an interview that while he could imagine some type of paid Facebook version, he's still not convinced it would solve the problem of users' data being used in ways they don't expect or don't want.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg appeared before USA lawmakers Tuesday to apologize for how his company has handled the growing furor over online privacy, to promise change, and explain the social media giant's policies.

"It's pretty much impossible to start a company in your dorm room and grow it to the scale we are at now without making some mistakes", he said.

Zuckerberg said one of his "greatest regrets" was that Facebook was "slow in identifying the Russian information operations" during the US presidential campaign in 2016.

Facebook didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

When asked by U.S. Sen.

Unless you delete your page, Facebook is going to have information about you. "We are going to do that so that someone sitting in Russian Federation, for example, couldn't say that they're in America and, therefore, able to run an election ad", he added. The number of senators, and the time constraints for each, limited the potential for followup questions to and grilling of the CEO.

"Even though some people don't like ads", he said, "people really don't like ads that aren't relevant".

Zuckerberg will testify again on Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica face multiple lawsuits over alleged misuse of personal information with at least five law firms in the United Kingdom and USA investigating claims for compensation.

When you log into Facebook, you'll will see one of two notifications at the top of the News Feed.

The group says the cutouts represents the hundreds of millions of fake accounts still spreading disinformation on Facebook.