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A major twist in the Gulf crisis that has gripped the region over the past year appeared on Tuesday, when President Donald Trump welcomed the Qatar emir to the White House. We can not tolerate a war criminal, we can not tolerate someone who killed half a million of his own people.

Still, the proposal signals a new low in the 10-month-old feud between Qatar and a quartet of nations that includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain.

Saudi and Emirati officials have accused Thani's government of cosying up to Iran and funding militant groups. Qatar denies all those charges. The administration is looking to organise a summit for Gulf leaders to end the impasse.

With America's allies in the Persian Gulf feuding with Qatar, there has been nearly zero progress toward resolving their dispute since it erupted 10 months ago.

"He's been very helpful, he's been supporting us during this blockade and I would also like to thank the American people for being very supportive". As a key example of Qatar's efforts on counterterrorism, the State Department pointed out that in March, Qatar added roughly two dozen people and entities on its terror blacklist.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency told Congress it approved the possible sale of 5,000 Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems II Guidance Sections including related equipment and services.

The State Department made the announcement in a statement on Monday, saying Qatar was an "important force for political stability in the region".

Trump cast Qatar's military purchases as part of an economy-juicing opportunity for the U.S.

Mattis welcomed the emir of Qatar to the Pentagon today for a meeting to reaffirm the strategic security partnership between the US and Qatar. The country hosts some 10,000 US troops at al-Udeid Air Base, a key command center for USA forces in the Middle East, and has been building new facilities for US troops there at Qatari expense in a bid to make it more comfortable for the Americans.

The economic boycott of Qatar reportedly went into effect a month after a meeting between the Qatari finance minister and Charles Kushner, the father of White House advisor Jared, in which he sought a cash infusion for Kushner Cos.' financially strapped 666 Fifth Ave.