KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Far Cry 5 now represents the biggest ever launch for a Ubisoft game, following Tom Clancy's The Division, with $310 million in consumer spending through the first week.

It is certainly hard to deny that Far Cry 5 isn't the best looking game in the series to date, but it seems that in some areas, they may have cut a few corners.

There are two separate sets of rewards for the event. Furthermore, Ubisoft is also offering up a special outfit for those of you who take part in the event - but only if the community manages to rake in 150,000 kills. Players must eliminate 10 animals using fire, but they can not use Molotovs or the flamethrower weapon.

As you can expect scores and quotes from IGN, Gamespot, PlayStation Universe, and more are shown throughout the video with gameplay.

Shotguns with Incendiary Shells - these pack the usual punch of a shotgun, and set things on fire. This was my favorite weapon to use during the challenge, though they do require you to get up close and personal.

It might seem odd that Ubisoft chose setting animals on fire for a live event but it certainly speaks to the tone of Far Cry 5.

Cluster Bombs - some planes in the game drop cluster bombs.

Blowtorch: If all else fails you can use your blowtorch to burn an animal to death.

You don't actually get automatically signed up for the Far Cry 5 live event.

Load your save and wait for the game to load. From there, bring up the in-game menu (the one with your map, inventory, and so on) and tab over to the Online area. Luckily, the community goal has already been reached so you just need to log in and claim your reward.