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In the latest of a series of postings on Twitter, the president reinforced his assessment that Amazon's business is costing taxpayers "many billions of dollars" through subsidised rates at the US Postal Service.

The article claimed that Mr Trump wanted the Post Office to increase Amazon's shipping costs and would be prepared to try to renegotiate the deal.

President Donald Trump has continued his criticisms of Amazon, via Twitter, tweeting that "only fools" are saying that the US Post Office is making money with Amazon. But are investors going to continue to listen?

Despite Trump's repeated attacks via Twitter and in meetings with foreign leaders, Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs and Spencer Soper reported Tuesday that neither Trump nor the White House have so far made any progress on developing a plan to go after Amazon - even amid the almost week-long crusade from the president.

Amazon shares closed up 1.5 percent at $1,392.05. "It's as if Amazon gets a subsidized space on every mail truck".

In an extensive piece published yesterday, Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman alleged that Donald Trump is contemplating a full-blown campaign against Jeff Bezos and his company.

Bezos is the world's richest man, with a net worth estimated over $100 billion since the start of the year.

Trump offered no details about the report he cited or how he planned to charge the company more through USPS.

White House officials said the same thing last week after Trump attacked Amazon in a tweet.

But inside the White House there are no active discussions about taking action against Amazon, Bloomberg later reported, driving Amazon's shares back up.

Yet one week-and four Amazon-related Trump tweets later - Bezos's net worth is down to $114 billion, Forbes estimates. "Trump is trying to say that Amazon is the reason the Post Office is losing millions of dollars and, in reality, that's not the case", Logan Purk told Business Insider today.