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The 213-foot-tall (65-meter) rocket took off at 4:30:38 p.m. EDT (2030:38 GMT) from Cape Canaveral's Complex 40 launch pad, then turned to the northeast to align with the space station's orbital track.

Should any complication or other forms of delay occur during the event, the window will be rescheduled at 4:08 p.m. the following day, April 3.

Dragon will separate from Falcon 9's second stage about 10 minutes after liftoff and attach to the space station on April 4. SpaceX did not attempt to make another recovery of the rocket's first stage after Friday's launch.

This time around, the California-based company made use of a booster that launched a different Dragon resupply mission last August.

There is more than one way to watch the Falcon 9 lift off on Monday-both SpaceX and NASA are hosting feeds of the launch. With the weather anticipated to be fair on the afternoon of April 2, the Falcon 9 has been given an 80 percent go by the Air Force.

The NASA Sample Cartridge Assembly, also known as the MSL SCA-GEDS-German experiment, is aimed at determining the scientific principles for a fabrication process known as liquid phase sintering.

The Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor will survey severe thunderstorms in Earth's atmosphere and upper-atmospheric lightning from a perch on the exterior of the European Space Agency's Columbus module.

An investigation that seeks to better understand how the lack of gravity affects a process used to produce high-performance products from metal powders.

One experiment will explore how plants respond to microgravity so that NASA can potentially grow food for future long-term missions.

The company plans three launches this month from Florida, with SpaceX set to launch a surveying satellite that will identify planets for NASA on April 16. The company is planning to phase out those older versions of the Falcon 9 with the new Block 5 version that is designed for greater reuse. Monday's mission is SpaceX's fourteenth, making it CRS-14.