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Written by the league's Competition Committee, the new rule was meant to simply the catch definition, and in simple terms, an NFL player must meet three criteria to make a reception.

On Tuesday, at the Annual League Meeting in Florida, all 32 owners voted to approve modifications to the NFL's catch rule for the 2018 season.

For years, the National Football League seemingly had no idea what a catch was, requiring players to survive the ground and leaving a major gray area up to the officiating crew's interpretation.

Cruz says as much as the rule change helps, it's still not gonna help receivers actually CATCH the ball. but says he's confident the league is doing what's best for the players.

-That the receiver makes a "football move" which now includes extending the football or, in wonderfully clear and unambiguous wording, "the ability to perform such an act".

The ball carrier who leads with his head and collides with a defensive player while charging toward the goal line trying to score?

McKay called it "a significant change", noting that it was a "technique too unsafe for the player doing it and the player being hit".

The NFL is taking another stab at implementing a catch rule.

Coaches, players and fans wonder how this new rule would impact the game.

The targeting rule in the NCAA penalizes players when they hit an opponent in a defenseless position.

During an episode of ESPN's 'NFL Live,' Riveron told Chris Mortensen "that the Corey Clement and Zach Ertz "catches" in the Super Bowl were ruled "differently" than they were during the regular season".

"What was happening was, on the field, the rule is pretty easy to officiate for officials", said Rich McKay, the president of the Atlanta Falcons and the chairman of the NFL Competition Committee. The old rule was so technical. Though there is still potential for confusion (I'm preemptively getting in the emotional state for the "football move" arguments), this is a welcomed change. The NFL could be banking on players caring more for their safety than for drawing a penalty. "We needed to start over, re-write the rule, simplify it, narrow the window of time that was for a catch". An infraction would result in a 15-yard penalty.

Before then, Goodell stressed that the workings of the new helmet use rule will be made clear to the players, and there will be further discussions on the standards to go from disqualifying a player to fines and possibly suspensions. Oakland was found to have not violated the rule that requires minority candidates to be interviewed for head coaching and executive positions.