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Will & Grace's return a year ago earned a 3.0 rating and 10.2 million viewers, and added another five million or so in delayed viewing, while The X-Files' first return in 2016 netted a 6.1 rating and 16.2 million viewers and ended up at 21.5 million viewers after delayed viewing.

Whatever doubts, concerns, regrets or buyer's remorse ABC may have secretly harbored about the reboot of a 21-year old sitcom, those have officially been vaporized: "Roseanne" is a hit, or at least the launch was.

Viewers were eager to see ABC's reboot of "Roseanne", with an estimated 18.4 million tuning in to its debut. To put that number in perspective, NBC's Will & Grace revival - considered successful enough that it's been renewed for three seasons already - premiered to an audience of just over 10 million. The "Roseanne" numbers rank as the highest total of any comedy on the broadcast networks since the 2014 season premiere of "The Big Bang Theory".

"Roseanne" is among the recent wave of reboots now on TV or in the works, including "Murphy Brown", "Magnum P.I.", "Charmed" and "Fuller House", which premiered on Netflix.

"Roseanne" somehow even beat out the much-hyped adult demo of the "60 Minutes" interview with former porn star Stormy Daniels on CBS this Sunday. "LOVE U", she tweeted. She replied joking: "I thought you were dead!"

Roseanne's brief run picks up next Tuesday, airing single episodes at 8 p.m. for another seven weeks.

Barr, who is a Trump supporter in real life, took comical digs at former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the show while her sister Jackie, played by recent Oscar nominee Laurie Metcalf, took on Trump, the magazine wrote.