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Apple's education-centric "Field Trip" event is about to kick off in Chicago's Lane Tech College Prep High School and make no mistake, it's not going to be a big hardware event.

In March 2017 Apple cut the price of its 9.7-inch tablet to US$329, the lowest starting price ever for one of its full-sized tablets. But laptops running operating systems by Alphabet's Google or Microsoft can be had for less than $200. Previously, the basic iPad started at $500, but the addition of the iPad Pro line threw Apple's lineup into a bit of confusion.

A recent Bloomberg report claimed that Apple has only a 17% share in the United States education market, to Google's 60% and Microsoft's 22%.

Chromebooks sold by Dell Technologies can be had for as little as $189.

Google has emerged as the education leader in the US market, thanks largely to laptop computers running on its Chrome software. And as expected, the iPad is taking center stage, as Apple has unveiled a new, affordable model that will take on the Chromebook as a tool for students in the classroom.

Last year, the market generated more than $17 billion.

Apple is trying to regain dominance in the education market.

"It's more about the psychology of driving long-term preference for the (Apple) platform".