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She had gotten bumped because of the latest snowstorm on her way to Austin.

A United Airlines passenger received a travel voucher worth a staggering $10,000 when she walked away from the flight she was bumped from, according to the Daily Mail.

The United passenger, a communications director named Allison Preiss, was on a flight Thursday morning preparing to depart from Washington Dulles International Airport when crew members informed travelers the flight was overbooked.

United confirmed to USA Today in an email that Preiss was offered the $10,000 voucher.

It was a happy ending for Preiss, who cracked wise about other recent publicized tales of United Airlines travel gone awry. For a flight that THEY oversold. No one apparently did, and Preiss was apparently the passenger who'd paid the least, as she explained in a tweetstorm. For a flight that THEY oversold.

The airline's policy changed to allow that amount to be offered after David Dao was dragged off a United flight previous year and ended up bloody and injured. She was later told that she was bumped because there was a broken seat on the plane. Then a United agent offered a $10,000 voucher.

It seemed Preiss kept it all in perspective as she traveled, writing on Twitter.

United Airlines has recently come under sharp criticism after a German shepherd was incorrectly sent from OR to Japan, instead of Kansas City. United drew the line, however, at letting Preiss into one of its airport lounges, she said.