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"And the gap between the richest and poorest schools has grown wider today under Andrew Cuomo than it's ever been".

"Just because a candidate like Cynthia is LGBT, that doesn't mean that's just what she's running for", said Sean Meloy, political director for the LGBTQ Victory Fund, a Washington, D.C. -based organization that works to get LGBT people elected to government offices but has not yet jumped into this race. NY may be reluctant to throw its weight behind another celebrity in the era of President Trump. During her campaign announcement, she claimed that "New York has become the single most unequal state in the country". "The top one percent of New Yorkers earn 45 times what the other 99 percent combined".

Elinor Tatum, the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Amsterdam News, said that she and Nixon had known each other for a long time, and that Nixon let Tatum know that she was running nearly immediately after her campaign video was launched on Sunday.

Actress Cynthia Nixon shakes hands at campaign stop after announcing that she is running for Governor of New York in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., March 20, 2018.

Nixon herself has piled on: Her campaign website has an entire section devoted to #CuomosMTA.

In a press release Wednesday, Nixon boasted her campaign received 2,214 contributions of less than $200 in the first 24 hours.

Cuomo dismissed Nixon's celeb clout during a call with reporters earlier this month. In a recent research, it was revealed that despite President Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, winning the elections, Republicans and Democrats alike have cited the future of the nation under his administration as a huge stressor.

Her choice of words, however, is what made the headlines.

Cattrall has previously stated that she would not return to Sex and the City, quashing fan's hopes of a third film with the original cast.

In her first in-person interview since announcing her political ambitions, Nixon tells Glamour.com, "We talk a lot about outsiders, but sometimes a little naivete is exactly what is needed".

Both Quinn and Nixon are openly gay.

"She's an fantastic person, and she's been talking about the schools and the children and I wish we had more people like that who are interested in the government", Cohen said. I know that she would be an excellent Governor!