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You can access Google Play Instant games by opening the Google Play Games app on your Android device or by heading to the Google Play Store. This effort is an update to Google's existing Instant Apps feature, introduced in 2016. In a post on the Android Developers blog, the company said that the number of Android users who have installed games has more than doubled within the past year. Google Play Instant will let users just tap and try a game without downloading it first.

Google Instant Play facility can be availed on Google Play Store and on the Google Play Games. The section also lets you see video game trailers and even find a particular game using tags such as "New" or "Action".

Today Google announces a solution to the problem: Google Play Instant.

Instant games don't require those extra few minutes to install, and although they need a few seconds to load, you can get into a game quite quickly on a decent Wi-Fi connection.

"We'll also show you news and YouTube videos related to your favourite games to help you boost your skills and become a game master". This is to speed up the process of trying new games as you won't have to constantly install and uninstall different titles you may or may not like. Nonetheless, these instant-play games still load pretty fast, considering that they're games and not more basic apps. Although, the software has been made available by Google for more than one year now, It is only now that the smartphone manufacturers are paying heed to this upgrade. Currently, the list of games includes Clash Royale, Words with Friends 2, and Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Hothead games and other famous titles. If it's available in the Instant Apps preview mode, it will display a "Try now" button.

The demos have already started to translate into more downloads for game developers.