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A USA woman has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for shooting dead her boyfriend in a botched stunt they hoped would go viral on YouTube. They both believed the book's thickness would protect Ruiz's body from the bullet and they were hoping it would make for a great viral video.

Perez, who has two children, will be able to serve her sentence in 10-day periods, according to the newspaper. Two cameras captured the shooting at the couple's house in Halstad.

The sentence could have been more severe, but Norman County Attorney James Brue said it fitted the circumstances for the 20-year-old mother.

By pleading guilty, she avoided a lengthy sentence.

Perez tweeted a few hours before the shooting: "Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most unsafe videos ever".

Perez told investigators Ruiz had been urging her to shoot a book while he held it, and had shown her another book that a bullet did not fully penetrate. She was also banned from owning firearms for life, and placed on supervised probation for 10 years.

Perez can not "make any financial compensation" from the recording of Ruiz's death, according to the Star Tribune. The book, which was 1.5 inches thick, was unable to stop the bullet and fatally wounded Ruiz.

Friends and family said 22-year-old Ruiz had been talking about going ahead with the stunt for some time.

According to the woman, the whole YouTube stunt was her boyfriend's idea and that she agreed to do it after the man reassured her that it's totally safe.

This video of MonaLisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz at the fair was posted on YouTube on June 26th last summer.

Perez, though, forwarded the idea just hours before the shooting on Twitter.

The couple had recorded a number of YouTube videos together, featuring them doing stunts and completing challenges.

"We had talked about this resolution (with Ruiz's relatives), and they indicated they were in support of it", Brue added.

Ruiz later said that the death was a reminder of how foolish it was to set up the stunt just to get famous on the Internet. Since Ruiz's death, the view counts on the videos have gone up and the comments sections are dominated by remarks about the shooting.