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The expansion is scheduled to launch around the middle of April. This will allow us to use a card that's already been played, no matter how many times it's been used before.

As expected the game will feature a bunch of new cards, 135 to be exact.

As for the cards within Hearthstone's The Witchwood expansion, players will have to wait.

The Year of the Mammoth is in its final days, and the Hearthstone New Year is on the way.

The Witchwood is themed around witches and the Worgen, the Warcraft universe's take on werewolves.

So far, six cards have been revealed, and majority sport new effects. The below Pumpkin Peasant will switch from 2 attack and 4 health to stats of 4/2.

Players can draw on an arsenal of new tricks, including the eerie new Echo keyword. The first is Echo, which allows you to play the same card multiple times in the one turn, as long as you have the Mana to pay for it.

It also adds the Rush keyword.

The Witchwood

RUSH YOUR FOES - When played, minions with the new Rush keyword can attack other minions immediately, but can't attack the enemy Hero until the following turn.

In addition to honing their skills in practice matches against the computer and taking on their buddies via their Battle.net friends list, players can challenge each other in two competitive game modes.

Baku the Mooneater is a 9 mana, 7/8 minion that will buff your hero power if your deck has cards that only cost an odd amount of mana.

For those that have been waiting for a new mode, you'll be getting it with Witchwood as well. It will work similarly to the Dungeon Run mode introduced in Kobalds & Catacombs, but it appears players will choose a new hero rather than one of the existing ones.

If that news wasn't enough to wet your whistle, Blizzard have also revealed that a new single-player experience is on the way. These were introduced in 2017's second expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

What do you think, are you excited for the new DLC?

More cards will be revealed starting with the 26th of March, when we will probably also get a more in-depth analysis of the new cards and abilities. Both of those additions were popular with fans during the Year of the Mammoth (2017's Standard rotation), and now Blizzard is giving players more of them.

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