KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The laid-back format of the show encourages guests to just be themselves while eating food that gets increasingly hot and spicy, to the point that it's nearly impossible to consume.

"She said, 'I went to the store by myself, '" Theron said of Maritz.

The show punts this episode with Theron as the Gringo star testing "her spice credentials against the wings of death on Hot Ones. Because she plays tennis with these really cool young girls", Theron said.

First, Joel Edgerton learns that Charlize Theron got off to a candid start by peeing herself thanks to a story David Oyelowo told over dinner.

James then asked who she'd like to receive a rose from, Charlize clarified, "No, I don't want to be on the show".

If it weren't for the possible blowback on them, even less concern would be shown by his two corporate superiors in the USA, played in a deadly duet of smirks, eye-rolls and might-as-well office quickies by Joel Edgerton (in a none-too-novel role) and Charlize Theron. "I've definitely stubbed my toe and said s-t or something like that and my kids are like, 'Mom!'" she said. The break didn't last though, as Theron and her mom both have trouble sleeping and mutually made a decision to give edibles a shot. The deal, like most everyone around Harold, is shady, and quickly dissolves into mistaken identities, multiple kidnappings, and one drug lord who will kill you for bad mouthing the Beatles. "She's just not this kind of person and buying marijuana.she had like a full experience".

The "Prometheus" star said: "Eight solid years on the marijuana and then my chemistry just changed one day".

A Disney blockbuster and three crime movies - one based in adventure, one in comedy and one in terror - are opening Friday, March 9, in theaters.