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The 20-18 vote came Monday evening after three hours of often emotional debate.

The Lake Sunapee Public Boat Access Development Commission acknowledged that the lake needs more public deep-water boat access and trailer parking, but said the Wild Goose site isn't the safest or cheapest place to build it.

"If we all dig in our heels, we are not going anywhere", Clements said.

"I think the key word is 'may.' The body determines whether that's the fact, not a junior attorney in his second year at LSO", Harshman said. Adams told IL that it was the conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky that had put up last-minute opposition to the bill, arguing that it "diminishes parental rights".

"My community was rocked".

"We only asked that parents not be excluded", Cothran said.

Maryland's bill now goes to the House of Delegates, which is controlled by Democrats.

It's likely to jet through the Senate, which overwhelmingly approved a similar bill past year.

In addition to the pay raise, striking school employees also had expressed concerns about the increasing cost of premiums they pay for health care through the Public Employee Insurance Agency system.

This was expected to be the last piece of a set of demands by the West Virginia unions representing teachers and school service personnel.

"We will make budget cuts and ensure stability for West Virginia", Senate President Mitch Carmichael said today on MetroNews' "Talkline".

Petty's 14-year-old daughter, Alaina, was killed in the Feb 14 shooting, along with 13 schoolmates and three staff members. "And my fear is that this bill will die in conferees".

"Firearms would be up there at the very, very highest", said Tammer Attalah with Intermountain Healthcare, speaking in favor of the bill.

After five days of national uproar on social media, the Senate Judiciary Committee of the Kentucky General Assembly unanimously voted on Tuesday to approve Senate Bill 48, which raises the legal age to marry in Kentucky.

Under the change, those who "exclusively perform classroom duties as classroom teachers" wouldn't be allowed to participate in the program. Other exceptions would be made for teachers who are current or former law enforcement officers, members of the military or who teach in a Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps program.

Sen. James Brochin is one of the four Democrats who opposed the bill.

Sen. Briggs Hopson, R-Vicksburg, said he took no joy in presenting the bill. In past years CPS was taken out from under the control of Human Services, this bill would reverse that decision.

"You know what that means in my experience?"

After recounting all of the steps that have gotten state employees and the legislature to this point, Ferns said that all sides have been fighting a battle of distrust and then reiterated Blair's original point about how Justice handled the situation. "We're hitting nerves. We're going into areas that may not be our comfort zone". But will that make a difference as the expansion debate heats up in the Legislature?

"This is about one thing and one thing only", said Rep. Vincent Buys, R-Lynden, in reference to SEIU 775.