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They might be able to hook those devices back up again soon: Amazon reportedly told the Verge that it was "aware of this and working to fix it". Fellow Twitterer Gavin Hightower tweeted that he was "lying in bed about to fall asleep when Alexa on my Amazon Echo Dot [let] out a very loud and creepy laugh". Even those who haven't experienced the unprompted laughter have been trying to get in on the fun - if you can call it that - posting videos asking Alexa to laugh on command for them.

Does Alexa have something diabolical in store for her human owners?

In this another step towards our imminent demise?

Users on Reddit also said they experienced random laughs and Alexa ignoring their commands, reported BuzzFeed.

It's not the first creepy encounter users have had with Alexa.

One claimed the gadget kept turning their lights on before emitting a "scary" laugh.

Some Alexa devices unleashed a cackling laugh without any instruction to do so.

In a thread on Reddit, at least two users reported experiencing similar, unprompted laughing from Alexa but did not provide a timeframe for when the incident occurred. It sounded like a real person. The device is created to respond to requests and questions from user, and functions as a radio and alarm as well.

And this is why I'll never become so lazy that I can't get up to flip a switch myself. It happens randomly, when nobody is using the device, or in response to request to turn on or off lights.