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Jordan Peele, writer and director of the film Get Out, made history last night at the 90th annual Oscar ceremony.

Peele explained that he could feel the significance of his win-the first ever for a Black man in his category, and admitted that he nearly didn't become a director or writer because he didn't feel it would be possible for him since there had been so few black men who had found success with it in the past. At the process of writing the movie, Peele revealed that he almost stopped working on "Get Out" almost 20 times thinking that it was an impossible film to write and that he also wouldn't have gotten it made even if he had finished it. Peele shared that he stopped writing the script "20 times" because he thought it would be impossible to get the film made. "I internalized that and when the news came that I was nominated, I immediately thought of Whoopi and that this is now about all the people out there who this is sending that same message to".

Celebrities offered praise for the win on Twitter.

Peele was a surprise victor at the otherwise predictable award ceremony. "The Shape of Water" was the stand-out film, but empowering speeches and musical performances capped the exciting night.

Meanwhile, Keegan-Michael Key, who took the lead role in Key & Peele, was photographed yelling with happiness with both of his arms in the air for his partner's award.

Asked if there was anything about awards season that inspired him, he joked, "I often joked that if there's a "Get Out 2" it will take place at an awards show".

Zac Efron, BJ Novak, Laverene Cox and Josh Gad also expressed their excitement over Peele's win.

Peele, who is the first African-American to win an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, thanked Universal, Jason Blum, the cast and crew, and his wife and mother. This was the first movie that he wrote, directed, and produced.

He went on to thank those who "went and saw this movie, to everybody who bought a ticket".

In another first, former Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant won his first Oscar for Best Animated Short for "Dear Basketball". "I never thought this could happen and it happens".

The big victor on the night, though, was "The Shape of Water", recipient of the best picture Oscar.

See more on Peele's history-making win below.