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Nunberg made the shocking comments during a lengthy interview with CNN's Gloria Borger.

"I'm not going to co-operate".

Sam Nunberg said he thinks Mueller may already have incriminating evidence on Trump directly, although he would not say what that evidence might be. "As we've said many times before, there was no collusion with the Trump campaign", Sanders said.

Colbert's favorite part? When Nunberg dared Mueller to arrest him.

"I'm not cooperating" with Mueller, he told Tapper.

"I think that he may have done something during the election", Nunberg told MSNBC. "My answer is no, I have not", Nunberg said. "No".

"I don't know about that... have you met Melania?".

By December of that year, Nunberg was saying that Trump's campaign was being led in the wrong direction and predicted that Trump would not win the Republican nomination.

Sometimes there's so much news crammed into a single day of The Donald Trump Show that you aren't sure where Stephen Colbert will start.

"It is incredibly unsafe and it's also such a bad idea to do it so publicly", she said of Nunberg's public pronouncements. Minutes after hanging up, Nunberg got back on the air with CNN's Jake Tapper with more bold claims.

Aides in the West Wing watched Nunberg's television interviews closely, voicing frustration that he had thrust Russian Federation back into the headlines and laughing over what they considered Nunberg's lack of discipline.

"I have not been drinking, no", he said.

"I think that [Trump] may have done something during the election", Nunberg told MSNBC's Katy Tur, adding later, "I don't know that for sure".

In 2016, Trump sued Nunberg for $10 million for allegedly leaking confidential campaign information to the press.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

When asked whether he should refuse the subpoena, Sanders said she wouldn't "weigh in" on what anyone outside of the White House should do. Nunberg said. "He's my mentor". Should I spend 50 hours going over all my emails with Roger [Stone] and Steve Bannon?

"They want me to say that Roger was going around telling people he was colluding with Julian Assange".

Nunberg said he plans to comply with all aspects of the subpoena, including the federal grand jury testimony he has been called to deliver on Friday.

"I got very aggravated", Nunberg said, explaining why he felt compelled to go on a TV blitz on CNN, MSNBC and a local NY station to share his frustrations.

Page said in response that he had not watched the interviews, but he called Nunberg's claim that he colluded with the Russians "laughable".

Russian Federation denies the allegations and Trump has repeatedly insisted there was no collusion between Moscow and his campaign.

Asked where he might move if he had to live in another country, Nunberg replied, "Easy question - the Jewish State of Israel". "There was nothing there, but they want to hear the testimony". She said she had told them she had nothing to offer and was alarmed that "they kept pushing me to say something to save myself". He also said he would not give investigators old campaign emails, which he has been ordered to hand over in a subpoena. "He's too smart for that".

The Special Counsel investigation led by Mueller is examining allegations that Trump's campaign collaborated with Russian Federation to sway the 2016 election that put him in the White House.