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After Senate leaders announced the mistake, senators walked back their passage vote and certain procedural votes, and passed the bill with a 4 percent raise after 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

The West Virginia teacher's strike entered a new week with no immediate resolution in sight. "We have heard the message of our teachers and state employees loudly and clearly, and we plan to continue delivering results".

WVEA is representing the strikers along with the state branch of the American Federation of Teachers and the West Virginia School Service Personnel Association, reports the AP.

A legislative conference committee appointed to resolve differences between the Senate and House proposals is scheduled to meet later Monday. "Within just a few short hours of receiving this revised revenue estimate, we held a committee meeting, passed an amended bill, got it to the floor and approved overwhelmingly by this house".

Protesting teachers have argued that education in West Virginia - where more than 700 classrooms lack fully certified full-time teachers - needs to be a higher priority among politicians. Union leadership supported the deal, however, many teachers felt the deal didn't go almost far enough, nor was its passage through the senate guaranteed.

As many as 20,000 teachers took part in a walkout on February 22, bringing classes for almost 277,000 students to a halt. Since then, angry teachers have gone to the Capitol to press legislators to raise their pay, among the lowest in the nation, after four years without an increase. "We have now reviewed 174 requests and approved more than $71,000 - to teachers and school service personnel to cover strike costs, child care, medical bills, lost pay for aides and substitutes, re-stocking food pantries, and other efforts to support children and families during the strike".

Garcia, the NEA president, said she is in Charleston to let West Virginia teachers know they're not alone - that all teachers in the country are there to support them.

Messina says "given the size of the lines still waiting outside, and the placement of the crowds inside, Capitol Police and the State Fire Marshal' Office agreed that a safety concern was imminent".

"They deserve to be paid", she said.

The walkout began last month after Gov. Jim Justice signed a 2 percent pay raise for next year.

Gov. Justice went on to say, "Education should be our centerpiece and I have worked tirelessly to get our teachers the 5 percent pay raise". The House of Delegates later approved a 5 percent increase, negotiated last week between Justice and the unions.

Teachers went on strike statewide February 22.

Numerous 250,000 public school students in West Virginia rely on school lunches to keep them fed, and there has been a concerted effort by striking teachers to keep them from going hungry.

To make ends meet for themselves, many of these teachers have side jobs. He now also works in a federally funded outreach program to help prepare students for college. "People's kids", Skidmore said.

Elsewhere, Brady Stafford and about a dozen of his friends got in some extra practice at a South Charleston soccer field.

At a nearby ice arena, Melissa Hodges took her two daughters for regular skating lessons.

"I was explaining it to her and she brought her piggy bank in to me the other day and said, 'Mommy, will this help our teachers?'" Martinez said.