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Mike Zimmer knows how important a decision the Minnesota Vikings have to make regarding the quarterback position this offseason.

Despite playing at a borderline MVP level for the Vikings last season, Zimmer would never fully commit to Keenum as the team's starting quarterback, and that kind of treatment throughout the season could play into Keenum's ultimate decision, whether or not the Vikings are able to land Kirk Cousins in free agency.

"ESPN's John Clayton added: "[There] are three guys that are on this team that are unsigned but can sign, so you have three options there, but if Kirk Cousins is the one who can get this team a little bit farther, then do you go a little above that to pay him?" This year, he plays in one game and gets hurt, so you go back and look at his track record.

During the regular season, Zimmer was very reluctant to name Keenum his starter, thus making some of us believe that Zimmer could start Bridgewater or Sam Bradford over the hot Keenum. I know there's a lot of rumors, a lot of different things going on out there. The Vikings can decide to cut Murray by the third day of the 2018 league year or choose to restructure his deal, keeping him for another season.

Despite assigning such importance to the situation, the coach did stress money is of concern-especially since overpaying for a signal-caller could prevent the Vikings from improving elsewhere. The amount of time he missed while rehabilitating his knee injury has made it hard to evaluate his ability to lead the team for the next decade, as the Vikings originally intended when they drafted him in the first round in 2014.

"We're just right now still in the process of all three quarterbacks", Spielman said at the scouting combine. Will one - or two - of them remain in Purple next season, or will the Vikings bring in a fresh face under center?

Keenum led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game, a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, just a week after the Minneapolis Miracle against the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional round. "Gives me and us, our organization, an opportunity to sit down face-to-face with all three of the quarterbacks' representatives". It's a long season; we've got to be smart about it, so we'll have to have a. not necessarily a pitch count, but be mindful that it's a 16-game, maybe 20-game season and we're going to have to be smart about how we use him.

Bradford played only two games last season because of knee injury Zimmer characterized as "degenerative".

In 14 starts with the Vikings in 2017, Keenum threw for 3,547 yards, 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

- Zimmer also wondered aloud whether Case Keenum's year was a product of small sample size and supporting cast. Now, with Sam, I love Sam. Obviously has a bad knee injury, don't get to see him play in real, live action in basically two years.