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"When she tells you something, you know she is speaking to the president, because she is with him all the time", said Steve Scully, senior executive producer at C-SPAN and coordinator of the network's White House coverage. Her involvement in the Rob Porter matter, wherein she helped draft a memo defending someone she was dating, may have been an indication that the personal strain of working in this White House simply isn't worth it. No one is sure about the state of his relations with his wife, Melania, after reports recently surfaced of her husband's alleged infidelities and a hush money pay-out to a porn star.

Critics used to go after former prime minister Stephen Harper for not being able to hold on to a communications director. The president is respectful to her.

The announced resignation on Wednesday of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, stunning as it was, hardly qualifies as out of the ordinary in an administration in which chaos is a constant.

The resulting reshuffle of policy portfolios will make it even harder for the White House to carry out its agenda.

Accordingly Hopes becomes the fourth person to leave the post during Trump's tenure and sources have stated that the 29 year old former model and ex-Trump Organization employee has been one of US President Trump's longest-serving advisers.

A number of correspondents said Hicks had been considering leaving her role for some time, despite the news coming as a shock to many inside the White House.

Of course, the White House has denied that the president berated Hicks.

Her title belied the extent of her power within the West Wing - after retired General John Kelly was appointed White House chief of staff, she had more access to the Oval Office than nearly any other staff member.

Hicks was angry after the Tuesday testimony, telling those close to her she left feeling "abused" and "accused", according to a person familiar with the situation.

Hicks, who occupied the desk closest to the Oval Office in the West Wing, has been a central participant in or witness to almost every milestone and controversy of the Trump campaign and White House. The news sparked outrage not just over the allegations but also because Porter, who controlled the flow of paper to and from the president, had been operating without a permanent security clearance.

Schiff, who appeared on "The View" this morning, said, "I don't know what was involved in the timing" of her announcement of her resignation.

You're going to have to lie about something he did or said. "She said she may have told white lies - but not about anything on Russian Federation". The White House said Kushner's work, which has included developing a new Mideast peace plan, wouldn't be affected. The latest thunderbolt is the broadside he took this week at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The differences between how Democrats and Republicans are portraying her testimony highlight the sharp partisan division between members of the House Intelligence Committee. Mistakes began in the weeks after his election, with a series of personnel decisions during the transition that have haunted his presidency ever since. He is the least calm of any President anyone can remember.

When Schiff was asked for specific examples that he and the House Committee have found of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia during the 2016 election, he pointed to the revelations about former campaign advisor George Papadopoulos and the public disclosures about the Trump Tower meeting that Donald Trump Jr. and other leading campaign officials had with a Russian lawyer and associates.