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Compared with controls, those with varicose veins had more incident DVT (6.55 per 1,000 person-years vs. 1.23 per 1,000 person-years; absolute risk difference, 5.32; 95% CI, 5.18-5.46) and significantly elevated risk for DVT (HR = 5.3; 95% CI, 5.05-5.56), according to the researchers.

While more research needs to be done to figure out the exact link between the two, there are concerns that these kinds of veins may also contribute to an array of other vascular diseases including pulmonary embolism and peripheral artery disease.

Enlarged and gnarled varicose veins and deep venous thrombosis, a clot that forms in the deep veins of the body, are strongly associated, the Taiwanese researchers found.

They are easily recognised as bulging, knotty, purple or blue veins that are most commonly seen in the legs.

Varicose veins may be an early warning sign of potentially deadly blood clots, according to a study published on Tuesday in the journal JAMA.

They included: 'Regardless of whether the relationship between varicose veins and DVT is causal or speaks to a typical arrangement of hazard factors requires additionally research'. They can be cause by aging, as veins lose elasticity over the years, causing the valves to weaken, Tech Times reports. Symptoms of varicose veins includes burning, bulging veins, muscle cramping, leg throbbing, and fatigue in the legs. Overall, the HR for the patients with varicose veins with PAD was 1.72 (95% CI 1.68-1.77) compared with the control group. Obesity and a family history of the condition also increases the risk.

Every year around 25,000 people in the United Kingdom bite the dust from a blood clot in a vein, and the condition is additionally the third driving reason for heart assaults and strokes.

An association is plausible, Chen's group wrote: "Patients with varicose veins have increased levels of inflammatory and prothrombotic markers".

The study was supported by grants from Chang Gung Medical Research Program, and from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology.